Age Reversal Survey

To better learn about the effects of experimental age-reversal interventions, in August 2020, we asked Age Reversal Network subscribers to complete a detailed survey about their age-reversal habits.

In this survey, we asked about many interventions related to health management and promising age-reversal interventions, including fasting and supplementation habits, use of metformin, rapamycin, NAD+ precursors, senolytics, and many others.

We then hired a data analyst to evaluate the anonymized survey data to see if there were any interesting trends for promising age-reversal interventions.

Below, you can download the statistical findings as of September 1st, 2020 from the Age Reversal Survey.

Note that each of the links below are associated with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with some basic statistical analysis for each promising age-reversal intervention. Click on the link to download the spreadsheet for that intervention.

Once you click on a link, a pop-up will ask you where you want to save the file on your computer. Once you choose a folder to save the file in, you can open the Excel spreadsheet and examine the data.

We intend to periodically invite additional people to complete the age-reversal survey. The additional data may help us to find the most effective human age-reversal interventions.

We hope that disseminating this information will help all of us find the most effective, and safe, age-reversal interventions for humans as soon as possible.

For longer life,

--The Age Reversal Network Team