Experimental Age Reversal Protocol

Until recently, it had not been possible to outline a scientifically supportable approach to reverse biological aging in a meaningful manner. Over the past four years, a number of regenerative technologies have been demonstrated in animal models, and some have been studied in proof-of-concept human trials.

Findings from this research indicate that elderly people may be able to regain a degree of youth and vigor, and alleviate chronic health issues, by counteracting degenerative factors that have recently been well characterized by researchers.

Implementing these interventions in the order suggested may offer the best opportunity to achieve optimal results with currently available technologies.

The four, sequential steps of our proposed age reversal protocol are:

  1. mTOR inhibition (e.g. with rapamycin)
  2. NAD+ restoration (infusion/patches)
  3. Eliminate senescent cells (senolytics)
  4. Young plasma/umbilical cord stem cells

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Alternatively, below is a PDF file of this detailed protocol, which was distributed at the RAADfest 2018 conference in San Diego, California.