Where can I find a doctor to prescribe me age-reversal interventions (e.g. rapamycin, metformin, NAD+)?

We publish a directory of our Age-Reversal Physician Network here on our website. You can see this directory on this page.

How do I join an age-reversal study?

We periodically learn of human age-reversal studies that are recruiting study participants. When we know of study openings, we will email everyone subscribed for our email updates about that study participation opportunity. In those email, we describe the study participant requirements and other instructions you can follow to become a qualified study participant.

Which medical clinics provide NAD+ infusions?

Our directory of NAD+ clinics is on this page.

How can I donate to your organization?

The Age-Reversal Network is not currently not accepting direct donations. If you want to donate to a 501(c)3 that is focused exclusively on human age-reversal research, you can donate to:

Life Extension Society
3600 West Commercial Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
Or call 1-866-554-7108

How can I change my research and participation interests in my profile?

You can simply re-register with us. Once you submit your information, the form will know you're already registered with us, and guide you through how to change your preferences.