Contacting the Age Reversal Network

With the growth of our informal network, we are currently overwhelmed with the number of questions we receive each week.

We have found that about 80% of emails ask just a few of the same questions. To more efficiently answer your questions, we have listed our answers to these questions on this page.

To use our limited staff resources more effectively for human age-reversal research, please see whether your question is answered below, before you submit a question using our contact form below.

Due to our extremely limited staff, if your question is answered on this page and you submit it in the contact form anyway, we must ignore your question.

We'd like to reply to every person's question, but we simply don't have the staff available to answer questions from the 4,000+ members and 1,000+ forum participants actively engaged in human age-reversal research and self-experimentation.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: How can I obtain dasatinib, rapamycin, fisetin, young plasma, NAD+, etc.? 

Answer: There are multiple ways you can obtain each of these. We recommend trying the following:

  1. First, ask your age-reversal physician. If you don't have one, or your current physician can't/won't help you, try to find another one. When looking for an age-reversal physician, check our Age Reversal Physician Directory for physicians near you, or conveniently located in a place you intend to travel to soon.
  2. Look for the best supplier on our Age Reversal Forum; there are over 1,000 members currently discussing the best ways of obtaining these materials, and these discussions are often the most up-to-date information we have on obtaining these materials.
  3. Wait for email updates from the Age Reversal Network, in which we sometimes have updates on new sources of these materials. If you're not already signed up for email updates, you can sign up here.

Question: How do I find an age-reversal physician that can help me obtain these chemicals and coach me in the age-reversal protocols? 

Answer: Check our age-reversal physician directory. These physicians focus on age management and have an interest in age-reversal research. They have explicitly told us that they are interested in helping guide age-reversal self-experimenters.

Question: My state/country doesn't have any age-reversal physicians listed in your directory. What do I do?

Answer: We are actively looking for additional age-reversal physicians to add to our directory. Even so, you may not have one near you. If this is the case, we recommend you try one of the following options:

  1. Try to locate a physician near you that is willing to be your coach and guide. You might accomplish this by contacting physicians' offices near you and talking with them about the kinds of interventions you are interested in self-experimenting with.
    1. If you find an age-reversal physician in your area that wasn't listed in our directory, encourage them to consider registering for our directory so others can contact them as well.
  2. Consider traveling to a country/state/city that has an age-reversal physician that is willing to meet with you and be your age-reversal coach. We strongly encourage you to contact the physician before you travel to the country/state/city to ensure they can and will accept you as a patient.

Question: There isn't a lab in my country that can perform the Age Management Panel. What do I do?

Answer: It's unfortunate that this informative lab panel is not yet available in your country. We suggest you try the following:

  1. Contact different physicians or medical establishments, asking them if they could order each test for you and give you a price on the entire test panel.
  2. Consider traveling to a country that does have the Age Management Panel readily available, such as the United States.
  3. If you have tried the above options and have failed to utilize them, you could try to find any labs or medical practitioners who could order individual tests for you from the Age Management Panel. Having some lab test data is much better than having none!

Question: I am a physician or medical practitioner and would like to join your age-reversal physician directory.

Answer: We are happy to know you are interested. Please contact us using the contact form below and let us know of your interest in joining the directory.

My question is not listed here

If your question or comment is not listed here, you can email us with your question at (info(at)age-reversal(dot)net).