Step #1: Get Baseline Tests Done

We want to bring degenerative human aging under complete medical control as soon as possible. To do this, we must test promising interventions, in humans, to assess whether they are effective in reversing human aging.

However, to learn whether an intervention is effective, we must measure biomarkers of biological age, both before and after the application of any promising treatment. Changes in these biomarkers will tell us whether there might be a positive effect happening as a result of the intervention.

If you want to participate in the promising human studies we identify, the best place to start is to make yourself an attractive study candidate, by getting your baseline Age Management Panel done.

The Age Management Panel is the panel of biomarkers we use to assess many aspects of biological function, in order to be able to determine whether a prospective age-reversal protocol is indeed reversing human aging.

You can read more about the Age Management Panel on this page.


Step #2: Subscribe to Our Email Updates

We are constantly learning about human age-reversal studies being contemplated and organized. These studies need participants who are interested in testing the interventions on themselves. Once you have your baseline Age Management Panel results, you're a strong candidate to be a participant in these studies.

When a study coordinator informs us of their need for study participants, we will email you with information about the study. This will include exclusion and inclusion criteria, as well as how you can apply to be a study participant.

So if you want to apply to participate in age-reversal studies, be sure you are signed up for our email updates, which you can do on our join page.

Step #3: Find a Physician

A physician with expertise in age-reversal techniques can help you in your self-experimentation. We maintain a directory of age-reversal physicians who are aware of our age-reversal protocols. Consider making an appointment with one of these physicians, who may help guide you safely through the testing and self-experimentation process. You can see our current listing of age-reversal physicians here.

Step #4: Share in the Forums

One of the main ways we communicate with one another is on our Age Reversal Forums here at our website.

If you're engaging in age-reversal self-experimentation, please tell the group about it. Is something working well for you? Do you feel more youthful and energetic? Are you sleeping better? Are you feeling any side-effects from a supplement or intervention? Do you like the physician you are working with?

The Forums are also where you can ask questions of and connect with other like-minded people interested in accelerating reversal of human aging.