Physician Network Registration

If you are a practicing physician, and are interested in joining our age-reversal physician network, we ask that you commit to the following before signing up:

  1. You are interested in supervising patients through the age-reversal protocols we publish.
  2. With each patient we refer to you, you insist on biomarker testing before and after each intervention using our Age Management Panel described here.
  3. You agree to avoid upselling or – barring the treatment of any illness you and the patient agree needs to be addressed before initiating any age-reversal protocols – adding on other interventions to these protocols during period of at least several months, because additional interventions will confound the effects of our protocols, which we are trying to ascertain with your help.

If you agree to the above, we'd be happy to partner with you, and will refer motivated individuals to your practice for your guidance in these protocols.

If you find the above agreeable, please submit your name and contact information** for your practice using the form below. (If you have more than one office location, simply create a separate entry for each location.)​

**Note that we will publish this information on our website and refer patients to you using this information.

Thank you for helping us move the practice and science of age reversal forward.

--Age-Reversal Network Team