Perpetual Project, LLC

The Perpetual Project is a private association of physicians, scientists, and members who share a common desire to advance the understanding of aging as a science and as a means of promoting health, education, and human welfare by exchanging scientific information, fostering strategic alliances, and supporting biomedical endeavors aimed at slowing and reversing degenerative aging and improving well-being and extending health span.

The Perpetual Project database provides members of the association with a software platform which allows self-experimenters, physicians, and scientists the environment and tools to manage and advance their health data.

Individuals who choose to join the Perpetual Project will have free access to a powerful, secure, cloud-based program that provides a central location for importing their health information and allows members to track and analyze their health. The software also allows individuals to download and share their data with their physicians.

Additionally, as the platform continues to be developed members will be able to connect with others in the group, document and track their anti-aging interventions, and share their progress with other members of the association.

Perpetual Project members will also, have the opportunity to share their de-identified data (data which contains none of an individual’s personal identity information) if they choose, in an open-source format. Allowing members to contribute to the possible extension of healthy lifespans and the slowing of the aging process by sharing of their antiaging journey and allowing their health information to be used by researchers.

By choosing to join Perpetual Project you will be contributing to the understanding of aging as a science and as a means of promoting health, education, and human welfare.

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