Perpetual Project Pre-Registration

The Perpetual Project seeks to:

  • Accelerate/validate potential rejuvenation technologies to benefit all of humanity…including Perpetual Project members.
  • Utilize baseline/follow-up testing to evaluate safety/efficacy of physician/patient-directed therapies.
  • Encourage robust communications amongst group members, share test result data & suggestions on potential ways to improve outcomes.

Perpetual Project members will have options to:

  • Easily upload/download their medical records
  • Store/retrieve blood test results, other diagnostics
  • Compare new results to prior reports (are you improving?)
  • Provide their doctor with comprehensive data, charts
  • Identify/Track favorable/unfavorable trends over time
  • Receive reports about individual aging status
  • One location for easy reference + expeditious analyses
  • No charge to participate

To join the Perpetual Project private association that seeks to defeat biological aging in our lifetimes, please pre-register your information below.

Please include contact info (including address) as we may identify regenerative opportunities in specific geographical locations.

There is no charge to participate in the Perpetual Project. This may include two reports a year sent to each member about their individual aging status.