Perpetual Project Registration

The Perpetual Project seeks to:

  • Accelerate/validate potential rejuvenation technologies to benefit all of humanity…including Perpetual Project members.
  • Utilize baseline/follow-up testing to evaluate safety/efficacy of physician/patient-directed therapies.
  • Encourage robust communications amongst group members, share test result data & suggestions on potential ways to improve outcomes.

Perpetual Project members will have options to:

  • Assess baseline biomarkers of aging/disease risk.
  • Initiate corrective actions to optimize proven causes of degenerative illnesses.
  • Foster strategic alliances within the private association group.
  • Exchange biomedical discoveries within the group.
  • Seek improved methods to reverse disease risk/aging biomarkers
  • Rapidly convey data so that medical professionals, scientists, and lay persons are aware of findings that may save human lives.

To join the Perpetual Project private association that seeks to defeat biological aging in our lifetimes, please register your information below.

Please include all contact info (including address) as we may identify regenerative opportunities in specific geographical locations.